Lynda & Jesus Chavez Wedding






Jesus & Lynda Wedding Proposal

Image-50Jesus and Lynda’s wedding proposal story is really something very incredible to me.  I met Jesus and Lynda back in May during Jesus’s niece birthday party(Hi Acuarela 🙂 ). Lynda was in a Pony suit(yes it’s true) and Jesus was holding a beer asking me a thousand questions about a “casual photoshot” for him and his girlfriend??!. I had no idea that I was asked to photograph him popping the question to ask the girl of his dream to marry him. (Neither does Lynda!)

Our “photoshoot” was so much fun! Jesus and Lynda are some of the sweetest people I know!  They are such a delight to be around, they immediately put me at ease with their laid back personalities. They posed super naturally in every single photo.

Lynda has such a beautiful style! Doesn’t she?! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?! Shooting these two was fun and so enjoyable.
I am definitely exited to look forward to their wedding day !